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Look no further... We work with your organization to produce the highest quality and emotionally moving videos for Non-Profit.Orgs and Social Events, Rallies and Galas.

Dvee Media is the production choice whether it be a video to raise Awareness for your cause, Fundraising and Investor programs, a broadcast Public Service Announcement (PSA), filming and documenting Events, or creating content for Screening at an event to engage your investors, sponsors, supporters and the attendees of your Event/Conference gathering.

The Dvee Team works with you to stretch your production budget as far as it can go without losing the important message of your cause. Dvee always delivers more, at the most affordable budget ANYWHERE.

Community Living

The MA Department of Developmental Services (DDS) needed a series of 3 videos to highlight the experiences of individuals with disabilities who had moved from a nursing facility, into the community. The videos showcase the benefits and opportunities afforded to these program individuals, and the overwhelming success and increased quality of life that they now enjoy.

DDS use the videos to educate and inspire other individuals who are considering making such a move from nursing homes into "Community Living."

Ride for the Ribbon

Ride for the Ribbon is a spectacular event for Susan G. Komen for the Cure. These truly are "Warriors of the Ride" to fight and cure breast cancer. All the horses and riders spend the day decked out in pink and raise money and awareness for the cause.

This was such a pleasure for Dvee Media to create for the organization. With a single camera, we put together a documentary style video capturing the entire day with amazing horses,fantastic courageous people, and the important message that, "We need to stop this terrible disease!"

Hotdog Safari

Charity event documentary which benefits children with Cystic Fibrosis and the Joey Fund. The video features prominent broadcast personalities, regional politicians, and the President of the United States.

In addition to video edit/content and graphic animation, Dvee Media was also responsible for shooting and capturing the feel of the event, as well as producing, recording, and performing the video's theme song, "Mattisyn."

RE/MAX Space 2010

RE/MAX of New England needed a video to introduce new Agent Tools for their Fall Rally with the theme "All Systems Go." We came up with the idea to have their Executive Vice President take a ride in a Space Shuttle!

We created several space scenes shot right in the REMAX office. We filmed a launch, space walk, put him on the moon and landed safely back just in time for the Rally. Playing the video on the Big Screen at the event, the crowd cheered as Mr. J. Hummer - REMAXtronaut, walked out on stage in his space suit!

Bird Street Community Center

"Another New Door" - Bird Street Community Center in Dorchester, MA has been at capacity since 1998. Dvee was asked to produce a video for the $6.9 Million dollar capital campaign to build a brand new, state-of-the-art community center for the Uphams/Dudley neighborhood.

The video was shot on location at the current center on Bird Street and Columbia Road and delivered on a promotional DVD.

NEMA 92nd Conference 2010

This video with a Dr. Seuss theme, "Museums Matter Yes They Do - The Proof Is In The Pudding Too!" is the first piece Dvee created for the New England Museum Association (NEMA) to generate excitement prior to the 92nd annual conference which was held in Springfield, MA on November 3-5, 2010.

As the "Official Video Production Company of the 2010 NEMA Conference," we filmed the keynote address, breakout sessions, various industry video interviews, and gave educational seminar talks on producing videos for museums and visitor centers.

DVSN - Adult Violence PSA

Domestic Violence Services Network needed a PSA to air on local TV targeting abuse in more "affluent" communities here in MA. The message was, "If only these walls could talk... Domestic violence often happens behind closed doors."

We took that message and came up with the idea to make the walls of a home echo the abuse that was happening within. The PSA was highly successful and the message was powerful - "It does happen here."

DVSN - Teen Violence PSA

Due to the success of our Adult Violence PSA, DVSN wanted to make a similar PSA for teen violence. Working with a volunteer family as actors, we were successfully able to create the PSA and deliver on promotional DVDs within the allotted grant budget.

This video continued some of the same themes and production techniques of the Adult PSA, with the utilization of off camera dialog. We again, brainstormed with the DVSN organization to devise a script that also incorporated a few statistics of teen abuse.

Global Clinical Summit

Millennium Pharmaceuticals held their Global Clinical Summit in Boston. It was a multi-day gathering of esteemed clinical oncology professionals from all over the world. With just a single camera, we filmed various breakout sessions, impromptu interviews, and the general atmosphere of the event on location at the Boston Fairmont Hotel.

Dvee Media then created a video from the footage that was used to play across the Millennium internal intranet, as well as looped on kiosk video screens at the Millennium corporate office.

Consumer Direction Pilot Program

The third in the Community Living video series, this piece was specifically created for UMass Medical School and the Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS).

This video's purpose is to demonstrate the remarkable success of a Consumer Direction Pilot Program and the outcomes of individuals with special needs that had participated.