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What makes Dvee Media Productions special is the core team. These people are not merely agency delegators overseeing the production process. These ARE the artists and people doing the work and making the production decisions.

The creative team and partners in the Dvee Media professional network, work directly with the client in the process of budgeting, generating ideas, writing scripts, production, scheduling, and problem-solving. There's no "Middle Man!"

As a client, your company is working and consulting daily with production talent that is creating and designing the final product. This allows for the highest quality production, without adding unnecessary overhead costs to take away from your production budget.

Curt Fetter (President & Founder)
Director/Camera/Video and Audio Editorial

The founder and "The Chief" of Dvee Media Productions has been evolving the concepts of Dvee Media since 1992 in some form or another. Dvee Media was officially founded with the completion of our first professional video in March, 2000.

Curt started his professional career in audio engineering and computer music composition production. As technology progressed, his interests naturally moved to visual mediums like video and computer interactive multimedia.

In addition to his veteran video editorial experience, Curt brings many professional level skills to Dvee Media Productions which include: Web site design, 2D graphic design, video animation, audio engineer/producer, DVD author, video camera operator, and many others.

Curt bridges the other team members' and crew specialties in the production process making for a cohesive well rounded media production group.

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