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We have a lot of fun doing what we do! We like the fact that we never know what we are going to work on next. Our next project could be a Short Independent Film (Perhaps a Horror or a Sci-Fi!), a Music Video, a Dance or Theatrical Performance, a Documentary, or maybe even a crazy Reality Show!

Dvee Media prides itself on being diverse and artistic, and its founding roots are in Music Production, Dance, and the Arts. We would be happy to hear about any ideas you may have for a video or film. We will bring it to life via creative script writing, skilled set and camera crews, editing with visual impact, and integrating stunning 2D and 3D graphic design and animation.

Beauty Parlor Census - Short Film

A touching comedy/drama written and directed by Margaret Broucek. The film is set in a beauty parlor where the senior citizen clientele come to gossip. Apparently the ladies have been writing letters to accompany their census forms to "tell what they want to tell if the government is going to make a judgement."

The award winning short film was edited at Dvee Media and is now in release for the film festival circuit.

The Birthday News Network

A PG-13 video produced for a 21st surprise birthday party. After sifting through hours of home footage and hundreds of photos we came up with the concept and script for a news broadcast with a real Muppet we named Dan Lather. We filmed every member of the family including the family dog segment which was a spoof PETS.COM commercial!

This video was the very first official Dvee Media Productions video project completed on March 5th, 2000!

We are currently working on this page and will be adding more videos soon!