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Our philosophy is that anything we offer must be of the HIGHEST professional quality for the budget. We don't believe in over inflating the costs of what we offer, and we work with the client to get the most cost effective solution available.

Take a look at some more Dvee services...

Video Taping -- In addition to full production crews, we also offer small-scale, unobtrusive video taping. This is useful for capturing a presentation in a small room, talking head interviews, an award ceremony, round table discussions/panels, or even a music, stage, or dance performance in an auditorium or small venue.

The "skeleton video crew" usually consists of a camera operator, sound technician, and a lighting interview kit. In addition, video edit is available to create a more viewable format.

In House or Location Video Edit -- In addition to our own professional video edit suite, we also will come to you for all your editing needs. We are skilled on many different edit platforms such as Media100, Avid Express, Final Cut Pro, and Premiere.

We also offer VERY reasonable rates for producers and production houses on a freelance or contract basis. You get a top-notch professional editor with the full support of the rest of the Dvee Team! There is no need to hire extra freelancers for any production with Team Dvee at your disposal.

Audio and Music Production -- We provide skilled producers and engineers for all audio production needs. In addition to location sound for video and film, we provide a full service recording studio complete with a live performance room and complete MIDI/Synthesizer station.

We also offer full studio music production services for bands and artists as well as multi-track live digital location recording. In addition we can provide for original composed music and arrangements with our own in-house musicians and artist network.

Studio Voice Over and Audio Edit -- Sometimes all you need is a quick session with a voice talent in front of a microphone in a sound booth - look no further. We also have a network of both union and non-union talent to be the voice for your narrative.

In addition to a broadcast quality voice-over recording, we also create soundscapes or even "radio ready" commercials complete with sound effects and audio processing with computer virtual editing. We deliver the final audio in any tape or computer format you like.

Media Duplication-- We also provide for the duplication or transfer of your production for any format including: Broadcast BETACAM-SP, DVD, CD-ROM, WEB MOVIES, VHS etc. We consult with you to fit your duplication needs to the right solution by interfacing with various vendors or perhaps duplicating right here in house.

We also will work with you in the process of packaging your video product and provide excellent graphic print design services.

DVD Production & Authoring -- We can bring your video project to DVD! We have provided DVD projects for Medical Presentations, live Tradeshows, Training Programs and Retail Kiosks.

We work with your video progam and design interface with interactive menus and navigational video and audio chapters. We provide ALL graphic design, Audio production and high quality MPEG2 encoding (2-pass Variable Bit Rate MPEG2).

Location and Studio Photography -- We provide high quality film and digital formats for both location and studio sessions. In addition to shooting an artistic shot, our professional photographers can process their work in a darkroom studio or digitally computer edit, process, and print their photos. Illustration and Graphic Design -- Our designers often find that their work is needed and used in many different formats including: giant posters, illustrations for print, business cards and letter head, Web site graphics, or even video or audio packaging for CD's, DVDs, or video tapes. We are capable of delivering our graphic work in almost any medium.