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Digital Video Editorial Environment

Media100 Edit Suite #1 (aka. "Binney")

The Dvee Media production suite is a creative and comfortable work space and features several work stations networked together to share production files. In addition, the whole computer system is connected to Broadband Cable Internet.

The Dvee edit suite is strategically configured for easy plug-in and play for extra post production equipment, decks, and/or rental gear directly into the video system for any project.

Strong creative video edit is crucial to any project. With Dvee Media you are in good hands to effectively communicate YOUR message, tell YOUR story, and to make YOUR audience engaged in the video presentation.

Finally, your video needs to be delivered (and often compressed) into many different formats. Dvee Media has you covered whether you need: DVD Video, Social Media sharing, Email or Text Message Marketing, Smart Phone Apps, or even Movies for Online Learning, Point-of Sale or Museum Kiosks, and Power Point presentations.

Dvee Media Productions Chooses:
Media 100 Suite for Video Editorial

Over the years we have created projects on Final Cut Pro, Avid Express and Media Composer, and Adobe Premiere. Nothing compares to Media 100 Suite in ease of use and speed of edit. This is the main reason we choose to have several M100's to work on multiple corporate edit projects simultaneously.

A speedier edit, translates into lower cost in billable hours for our clientele!

Dvee Media's Founder, Curt Fetter was interviewed by Media 100 and why Dvee Media endorses Media 100 Suite for all of our video editing.

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