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Look no further... We work with your company to produce the highest quality video for any application whether it be a Trade Show Booth, Product Marketing Program, TV Commercial, Product Launch, an on sight Point-of-Sale Kiosk or Instructional Training program.

The Dvee Team will bring your video concept to life via creative script writing, skilled set and camera crews, editing with visual impact, and integrating stunning 2D and 3D graphic design. Dvee delivers a final product for ANY viewing medium at the most affordable budget ANYWHERE.


This is the opening segment of the Bizfon video. The video edit features footage of people using the product layered with animated motion graphics.

Since video is often in motion, filming a product without a lot of moving parts is difficult to make look interesting. We used colorful light on the product shots and the use of a lot of different people on phones with some action to liven it up. The "punchy" editing style with the music gives the product that extra impact to move right along.

EC Cubed

This is the opening segment of the ECCubed video. It showcases how brief "video bites" from interviews and stock footage can deliver a personal message about your company.

The footage was filmed utilizing a green screen backdrop so that we could put animated custom created backgrounds behind the interview subjects in Post Edit. The ability to alter and change backgrounds, allowed us to follow through on the ECCubed marketing message of needing to be "Dynamic."

Trinagy Trade Show

This video was created for a live Trade Show Booth presentation. Trade Show floors can be noisy and distracting. The solution for Trinagy was to isolate each audience member in the booth from the outside world by wearing noise cancelation headphones and wide screen video goggles.

Once personality isolated, the video images and sound had to be BIG and visually striking. The editing style aims to take the viewer on a cinematic journey...

RE/MAX Agent Recruiting

RE/MAX of New England needed a video to recruit new agents for the organization. We interviewed several agents and the executive team to tell the story and advantages of being a RE/MAX agent

In addition to living on the corporate Web site and shared across social media, the video was presented in front of hundreds of enthusiastic agents at the RE/MAX Spring Rally in Boston.

American Kuhne Testimonials

Working in partnership with our friends at Siy Communications, Dvee Media provided a small high definition video crew to interview American Kuhne executives as well as interview some of their clients for some great video testimonials.

We filmed the interviews in a small office in front of a sky backdrop with some creative lighting to get a good look. After the interviews we went out on the display floor to grab some action footage of the high-end American Kuhne extruding machinery.

Keurig B50 Home Brewer Training

This training video for the Keurig Incorporated, B50 Home Brewer was created for retail sales people in stores to answer customer questions and give effective demonstrations of the brewer and its features.

Dvee wrote the script from the brewer product box and instruction manual. We then came up with questions that consumers would ask and had the actors deliver them on camera. The scenes were fun to shoot, as we used an old silent movie style to show the disadvantages of brewing a single pot.

Genscape UK Energy Investor

The Genscape CEO needed to introduce the company at a meeting for potential corporate energy investors in the UK.

Using energy relevant high definition stock footage, custom made video animations, a UK voice over talent, and extra interview footage from our previously filmed series, we created an opening video for the presentation to engage the audience.

Genscape Top Talent

Dvee Media created a series of videos for Genscape in order to introduce the fast paced energy monitoring company to possible new employees.

We captured employee and executive interviews and edited workplace B-roll for the video programs which include Genscape Top Talent, A Day in the Life of an Analyst, and introducing Genscape's proprietary software SEER.

Bruker Bio Spin - Fourier 300

This project was intended to be used by Bruker sales reps to demonstrate features and specifications of the Fourier 300 to educational and college laboratories.

Obviously these products are not meant to be moved around! Bruker needed Dvee expertise to professionally film high definition footage at the Bruker office location. We needed to present how the machine would look and possibly be used by students in a lab, while at the same time making the presentation light-hearted and engaging.

iRobot Roomba In-Store Retail Loop

iRobot needed a Training Video for retail floor sales people to demonstrate the Roomba Robotic Floor Vac. Dvee Media put together two shoot days to adequately demonstrate all THREE Roomba Products.

In addition to the Training video, the footage was edited for a Video Kiosk Loop which currently can be viewed at Roomba retailers like Sharper Image, BestBuy, and BJ's nationwide.