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Look no further... We work with your Business to produce the highest quality video whether it be an introductory video for your Web site or Blog, Social Media sharing on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube, a local TV Commercial, a Product or Service informational, or perhaps a Point-of-Sale Kiosk or display booth.

With Small Business, we understand you need to stretch your production budget as far as it can go. With every production, regardless of size, we customize our services to fit exactly what you need. With Dvee Media Productions you get Big Business service and great video to communicate the message about your product or service.

Honeybee Gardens Product Loop

Honeybee Gardens, needed videos for their cosmetic makeup products. The videos have been used for Trade Show booth display, Point-of-Sale on retail Web sites including CostCo and Boscov's, as well as distributed via social media in marketing campaigns for the company to sell their fabulous cosmetics.

In addition to writing script based on HBG product descriptions, Dvee Media provided a budget friendly video shoot, crew and equipment on location in Pennsylvania.

LiveSTOCK Film

In addition to participating in the filming of the stock footage, this project also required Edit and Video Compression of hundreds of stock footage clips and the creation of promo demo videos.

As well, Dvee Media was responsible for the code and design of their Web Site and putting the entire stock footage catalog on the Internet for point-of-sale of individual clips with high quality QuickTime video.

Foreclosure.Com TV Commercial

Working as a video subcontractor for an advertising agency, Dvee Media put together a TV commercial for foreclosure.com from script to screen.

We provided a stock video search to find the perfect real estate footage the client requested, a "screen shot" video shoot to adequately show the client's Web site in action, and provided a voice artist from our talent pool and recorded the script narration. Finally, pulling from our in-house music library we edited together a tight national TV Spot.

Grossman Assoc. - Divorce Attorney

As described by Attorney Hindell Grossman Esq., "...Divorce is a journey through a sometimes dark tunnel." Hindell approaches divorce with a holistic approach. The firm needed to introduce Attorney Grossman and her approach to possible new clients through their Web Site and Divorce Blog.

We provided an in depth video interview of Attorney Grossman to tell her story and how they help their clientele. We also filmed a client testimonial and office B-Roll to help tell the story. The project provided 8 videos to help people get through the divorce process, to a brand new life.

Small Business Results - Business Coach

Shelly Berman-Rubera is a business coach who founded Small Business Results. SBR needed videos for the company Web site, email marketing, and social media distribution. The videos needed to introduce the company, showcase some successful client testimonials, and promote Shelly as an event seminar public speaker for hire.

Dvee Media filmed Shelly at her office in a sit down interview, along with 3 successful SBR clients. We also filmed Shelly and SBR at several regional event trade shows and seminars in order to showcase this exciting business coach in action and in her element.

Joshua Tree - U2 Cover Band Promo

Joshua Tree is a highly successful U2 tribute band. What makes them successful is...THEY SOUND JUST LIKE U2! The band needed a promotional video on DVD to distribute to clubs, venues, and festivals in order to get gigs.

We filmed and recorded the band live at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston. Utilizing 3 cameras we captured the entire concert. This promo video features segments of several of the songs performed. Look on our "Specialty/the Arts" page for full length versions of Vertigo and I Will Follow!

Waltham Tourism Hotel Loop

Working in partnership with the Waltham Tourism Council and Chamber of Commerce, the loop was designed as a multi-segment video to play on Waltham Hotel TV and lobby/elevator Kiosk systems. This sample includes the Introduction, Museums, and Mansions segments.

Production for this project included script consultation, filming each location of interest, and providing both male and female interchanging voice narrations. The full loop consisted of 8 segments and dozens of attractions throughout the city.

Waltham Tour - Dining & Entertainment

This segment of Waltham Tourism shows the many fabulous dining options and nightlife entertainment of Waltham. The best part about video taping this segment, was that we were able to eat all the props we used to get the footage!! Waltham is definitely a good spot to dine out then catch a show or movie afterword.

Of note, we purchased a few effect filters for our camera to shoot these segments. Our favorite effect is the STAR Filter you will see beaming on all the car headlights as they enter the video shot frame.