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FREDANDTED.COM - Check out the Web Video section of the site. The 70's Operation game was simulated using custom original Java code.

MUSICBYBOURASSA.NET - Bob Bourassa, a Rhode Island based DJ. In addition to site design and host, we are responsible for the photography and video footage.

Tributes Floral Shop - Tributes needed an interface so it's employees could easily update new floral arrangements by simply uploading a digital photo with a text description of the flower arrangement. After upload, the server places the content within a previously designed template.

CASTLEENTERTAINMENT.COM - Castle Entertainment provides entertainment for weddings, parties, functions etc. featuring Frank's very own Big Band. We are also responsible for the Swing Band videos on his site as well as recording several audio demos in our recording studio.

Joshua Tree Web Videos - Dvee Media produced live Web videos for the U2 tribute band Joshua Tree. Check them out at the band's Web site!

LiveSTOCKfilm - Extensive catalog site for stock film footage. We also edited and made all the video clips. As well, we were responsible for creating their video promo demo.

API Product Interface - Delivered on CD-ROM as a product brochure. The brochure also featured video we edited for a tradeshow.

CULTURALCONSULTINGSERVICES.COM - Dvee Design and Host for a "consulting firm" which provides a wide range of services to municipalities and institutions which require broad-based input from constituents.

HAMCOTANKSYSTEMS.COM - A quick and functional "basic" site for an oil tank cleaning/maintainence business in New Hampshire.

Mad Jack - This is an artist demo site we designed a few years back for a local hard rock band. This site is fully functional with the exception of the form output. If you like Metallica you'll love listening to the audio samples!

* Sites all in CAPS with a .COM are live hosted environments. Some content may not be Dvee design.

Dvee Friends & Links

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